BuddyBuilders Gym

Old-school Dutch gym for adults in Hoofddorp

What is BuddyBuilders Gym?

  • One to two hours of sports and games each Monday at 20:00
  • You can choose if you want to play for one, one and a half or two hours
  • A different sport or game each week
  • The group decides what we're playing
  • A nice mixed international group in and around Hoofddorp
  • Only for adults (18+)
  • Gym of 12x21 meter
  • Walking distance from Station Hoofddorp
  • Postpay with Tikkie
  • Costs for gym (€38,–) will be split among the players (between €3,– and €6,– p.p.)

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Gymzaal Graan voor Visch
Graan voor Visch 14001
2132VW Hoofddorp

What games are we playing?

Each week we play a different sport or game. These are some of the games we play the most. Would you like to play something else? You can always throw it into the group.






Pole Football


Sliding Hockey

More information

Every Monday at 20:00 we rent a 12x21 meter gym for one tot two hours of active games. We play a mixture of sports, games and other fun activities, like dodgeball, basketball, volley-ball, tag and more. It's all about having fun with a nice group of people, while also exercising.

What's the price?
Renting the gym costs €38,–. We divide this by the amount of players joining and how long you've joined us. The more people join, the less you'll have to pay. You can expect to pay between €3,– and €6,– per person. Payment is done through Tikkie.

How can I join?
You can join us by signing up for one of the dates above. Please make sure you're there around 19:55 if you want to join from the beginning to the end, so you have enough time to change into your sporting clothes. We start at 20:00 and rent the gym for two hours (unless it says so differently).

Who is this for?
Everyone who is 18 years or older and likes to exercise in a fun way.

What should I bring?
- Towel
- Water bottle
- Sports clothes
- Pair of indoor sports shoes that haven't been worn outside and don't leave marks

Where is it?
Gymzaal Graan voor Visch
Graan voor Visch 14001
2132VW Hoofddorp

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